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Splendor Solitaire Diamond Ring-Yellow Gold

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Authentication Certificate

All Goldvine jewellery comes with a certificate of authenticity - certifying colour, clarity, carat weight and nature of origin of diamonds.

Our Diamond Jewellery Certification Partners

SGL Diamond Certificate

IDT Diamond Certificate

DGLA Diamond Certificate

BIS Hallmark for Gold

All Goldvine jewellery comes with a BIS Hallmark. The hallmark consists of a BIS logo, gold purity and a 6 digit unique hallmarking ID, certifying the authenticity of the piece of gold jewellery purchased.

14 KT / IJ-SI / 7

Diamond Quality


  • Most of the world’s diamonds are graded on ascale of colourless to light yellow or light brown. The rarest and most expensive are diamonds in the colourless range graded D,E and F on a scale thatdescends to Z.

  • As diamond size increases, colour becomes more noticeable. This is especially important to keep in mind if you are purchasing a diamond of two carats or greater.


  • Clarity evaluates a diamond’s freedom from internal and external clarity characteristics which occurred during formation, polishing, or wear and tear.

  • In order to grade the clarity of a diamond, it is necessary to observe the number and nature of external and internal characteristics of the stone, as well as their size and position.
Ring Size Guide

Inside diameter ring sizer

  1. Grab a ring that already fits and measure the distance at centre between the inner edges of your ring.
  2. You now have the inner diameter of your ring, use the chart to determine your ring size. When in doubt, move up a size.

Outside circumference ring sizer

Before you start, you’ll need - A thin strip of paper, a pen and a ruler

  1. Wrap a thin strip of paper around your finger and mark the meeting point with a pen.
  2. Measure the length with a ruler.
  3. You now have the circumference of your ring, use the following chart to determine your ring size. When in doubt, move up a size.

Ring Size Circumference (inches) Circumference (mm)
6 1.81 46.10
7 1.87 47.40
8 1.89 48.00
9 1.92 48.70
10 1.99 50.00
11 2.02 51.20
12 2.04 51.90
13 2.09 53.10
14 2.14 54.40
15 2.16 55.10
16 2.22 56.30
17 2.24 57.00
18 2.30 58.30
19 2.32 58.90
20 2.37 60.20
21 2.39 60.80
22 2.44 62.10
23 2.44 62.10
24 2.52 64.00
25 2.54 64.60
26 2.59 65.90
27 2.65 67.20
28 2.67 67.80
29 2.72 69.10
30 2.80 71.00
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Solitaire Diamond Ring: Simple, Yet a Showstopper

With a brilliantly cut center solitaire and 12 round natural diamond accents, the Splendor Solitaire Diamond Ring- Yellow Gold is perfect for anniversaries, weddings and engagements. The IJ-SI diamond quality solitaires in this ring have been arranged across two straight lines of 14KT yellow gold at approx. 0.95tcw to create a lasting imprint on the wearer’s heart.

Exquisite and delicate, this solitaire diamond ring expresses timeless emotions with its exclusive appearance and superior quality. With dimensions, like 5.75mm length and 5.3mm height, the ring is exceptionally stackable and even comes with an authenticity certificate. Besides yellow gold, get the ring in rose gold and in a size range of 7 to 22. With 15 day easy return policy and free shipping, this fine piece of jewellery is a must-have for every occasion. To explore the glory of solitaire rings in other exemplary designs.

Splendor Solitaire Diamond Ring
Collection - Fine Diamond Jewellery
13 round natural diamond accents at approx.0.95 tcw
Available in 14KT and 18KT gold purity

Length: ~5.75mm | Height: ~5.3mm

Perfect for Engagement and Stackable

BIS Hallmark

100% Certified Diamond

Easy 15 Days Return

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